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Shopfront Replacement Explained: Do You Need Planning Permission?

The way that your shopfront looks is very important. If you have a high-street business location, you’ll need to make sure that your clients have the best first impression. A dirty, stained, cracked or broken shopfront could discourage people from coming in and making a purchase. That’s why a shopfront replacement should be scheduled as soon as you spot any damage.

How Does Shopfront Glass Get Damaged?

There’s lots of different ways that your shopfront could become damaged. If the glass is very old, it may loose clarity or develop cracks. As well as that, extreme weather conditions could create problems. Unfortunately, another leading cause of commercial glass damage is vandalism.

Are Shopfront Replacements Straightforward?

You’ll need an expert to safely remove and replace the glass. Because shopfronts are usually large and much more complex than standard glazing, make sure you get an experienced company like BB Fabrications to create your replacement. The bespoke nature of shopfront replacement glass means that you may need to be patient. If there are large holes that urgently need to be closed over, you’ll want to get it boarded up while you wait for the new glass.

Shop Front Window In Britian

Do You Need Planning Permission For A Shopfront Replacement?

If the replacement is going to change the appearance of your building, then yes. This includes changing the doors and windows, so you certainly will need planning permission, even if it won’t drastically alter the appearance. You must also keep in mind that if your shopfront is part of a listed building, you’ll need listed building consent for any changes.

Damaged Window Requiring Shopfront Replacement

Can You Repair Shopfront Glass?

On some occasions, yes. If there’s only a small chip or crack, repairs are possible. This is much cheaper than a full shopfront replacement, but will only work on small areas of damage. Once the glass is damaged, it is compromised and you should be planning for a replacement. Putting it off for too long is risky, as weakened glass is both a safety and security risk.

For Shopfront Replacement Glass, Choose BB Fabrications

Our team are experts at glass and aluminium fabrication, so you can rely on us to create your new shopfront. We can deal with all manner of glazing requests, including fulfilling oversized glass orders. Get in touch today to discuss our services.

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