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Can You Replace Windows On Listed Buildings?

Listed buildings can sound complex when it comes to making changes. However, as long as you’re keeping the appearance as similar to the original as possible, it’s not too different. Of course, there are a few extra hoops to jump through. Therefore, we’ve put together a guide to replacing the windows on listed buildings.

Why Do We Class Some Properties As Listed Buildings?

To preserve the heritage of properties that are classed as having a ‘special architectural or historic interest’, there are strict rules to ensure that they aren’t changed too much. There are three grades of listing, and the requirements for each differ slightly, depending on how special the property is. Grade I is the highest, with the strictest rules. Whereas Grade III is more relaxed. 92% of listed buildings are Grade III.

What Do Listed Building Owners Need To Do?

If you’re changing the appearance of your property, you must get permission from the local council. This includes like-for-like replacements of windows and doors, even if the original is damaged beyond repair. The council must decide whether the work will change the character of the property.

heritage windows and door

An expert will have to assess the property and decide whether a replacement is appropriate, or if a repair is possible. If repairs cannot be done, the replacement will be approved so long as it fits in with the character of the building and is sympathetic to the original. You’ll have more leeway with design if your property is Grade III. Modern windows aren’t uncommonly seen in these properties nowadays. However, Grade I and II listed properties are much more likely to require that the new window is a replica of the original.

Heritage Windows As A Solution

Owners of Grade I and II listed properties will be relieved to learn that BB Fabrications offer a heritage window service. We specialise in fabricating windows that replicate unique architecture, including listed buildings. This means that our products are very likely to be approved by your local council, taking the stress away from your window replacement.

The great thing about our heritage windows is that they look almost exactly like the originals, but offer modern benefits. Your property will be more thermally efficient, as we use double glazing to retain heat. You’ll get the best possible performance from our windows.

heritage windows

For Heritage Windows For Your Listed Building, Choose BB Fabrications

If your listed building requires window replacements, look no further than us. We’re experts at fabricating replica glazing products that are sympathetic to the original and likely to be approved by your local council.

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