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Roof Lanterns

Roof Lanterns Cheltenham

A great addition to extensions and orangeries, our roof lanterns in Cheltenham will bring light and life into a room. Whether you are looking to modernise a traditional property or add a feature to your new build, roof lanterns are an ideal solution. They are beautiful architectural showpieces for any property, and our specialists can help you choose the best design.

For more information on our aluminium products, get in touch with our team today on 01684 491270.

Our Skylights

Skylights transform domestic properties, as not only do they add light to a dark room but they can also make the room look bigger and more spacious. They open up the ceiling to the sky, which maximises light flow and provides additional room height. Other features your clients will benefit from also include:

  • Reduced energy bills.
  • They provide beautiful aerial views to enjoy.
  • Excellent thermal efficiency.
  • There is a huge choice of designs.
  • These installations will increase property value.

Aluminium Roof Lanterns

For aluminium roof lanterns, look no further than BB Fabrications UK Ltd. We only use the highest quality materials to deliver sleek, modern roof lanterns with a long lifespan. Our stunning designs will be created specifically for your project. In addition, our bespoke aluminium products are designed to offer the best views, allowing natural light to flood into the home. These contemporary roof structures are a great choice for any property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roof lanterns drastically brighten a room — as well as create more space and an interesting visual display. They increase property value and are particularly popular in conservatories and kitchens where natural light is more impactful.

Depending on the size of the project, it can take 2-3 days or longer. The work will need to be supervised by a building inspector. It may also be worth checking for planning permissions if you intend to build onto an existing roof, but this is not applicable to new builds. For any questions or queries, contact us on 01684 491270.

Surprisingly, not as loud as you might think. Well-spaced glass panels are excellent sound insulators.

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For more information on our roof lanterns in Cheltenham, Gloucester, Tewkesbury and Bristol, get in touch with our expert team. We can discuss your needs and budget, and we can help find the best option for your project.

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