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What Is Curtain Walling?

Curtain walling is a form of non-structural cladding that acts as a buffer and an insulator. It’s usually seen on commercial buildings, most commonly high-rises and skyscrapers. These systems are made by creating an aluminium frame which supports glazed panels.

What Is Curtain Walling For?

There are many practical benefits. Curtain walling is like an extra covering for the exterior of a building, so it offers protection from weather. Because it’s non-structural, it can be made from very light materials. This means there’s more potential to be creative with the design. You can also choose glazing that’s able to control the amount of light and heat that’s let into your building.

What Materials Is It Made From?

Aluminium is commonly used as a frame for curtain walls. It’s lightweight, attractive and versatile. Aluminium is also a sustainable option. It’s environmentally friendly and can be recycled almost endlessly. Between the frames sits the glazed panels.  

Where Do You Usually See It?

There’s a few famous buildings that have curtain walling. The Gherkin building in London is a great example. It benefits greatly from the distinctive style that this construction has to offer. Many offices in large buildings choose to use curtain walling to create a grand and elegant finish.

glass windows in large building

What Are The Benefits Of Curtain Walling?

They are self-supporting and offer a lot of natural light. This makes them a great choice for offices. Natural light is beneficial for everyone, and makes the working environment more pleasant to be in. Because they are thermally efficient, you could also see a reduction in your energy bills.

Architectural curtain walling aluminium

Architects appreciate the flexibility that curtain walls offer. The glazing can be arranged in striking ways, so your building will look stunning and memorable.

Choose BB Fabrications For Bespoke Curtain Walls

If you’ve got a building that you would like to have curtain walls fitted to, give us a call. At BB Fabrications, we have a team of in-house CAD designers who can help create your vision. For attractive, weatherproof exterior building facades, look no further than our expert team.

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