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Expanding The Business: Starting With A New CNC Machine

It’s exciting times for BB Fabrications as we’re full steam ahead on plans to expand the business. In the very near future we’re planning on improving our services and adding some that we feel will be highly beneficial to our customers.

By starting to enhance our output as a business, we have invested in a brand new state of the art CNC machine. This will allow us to create bespoke pieces of work much more efficiently.

What Is A CNC Machine?

Short for Computer Numerical Control, essentially this piece of equipment controls, automates and monitors the movements of our cutting equipment. We can feed a material into it and program the CNC machine to cut out any shape we like with ease.

This creates a completely clean and accurate cut for us to be able to very efficiently fabricate the desired item. Due to having several axes of motion, this piece of equipment can cut absolutely any shape possible.

How Can We Use It?

By using the CNC machine we are able to ensure that all work stays in the house no matter how large the project is. From our in-house designers creating bespoke designs to our CAD software producing an immersive visualisation and finally using our new CNC machine to produce the work to a very high standard.

What Does It Mean For The Business?

Having a new CNC machine means that we are able to cut shapes out of our raw materials faster and more efficiently. Because of this we’ll be able to take on much larger projects now due to being able to fabricate larger structures.

This will attract customers interested in larger aluminium fabrication projects such as more commercial metal fabrication clients. Our team will also be able to create smaller pieces faster too. This will help to create our bespoke aluminium doors & windows with ease.

We already take on some very complex projects from curtain walling for large commercial buildings to producing roof lanterns for conservatories. With the new CNC machine, we are able to produce more complex structures with ease and accuracy.

Contact Us For More Information On Aluminium Fabrication Services

Our team of expert fabricators are highly trained in using all of our state of the art equipment. Whether that is our design team with the CAD software to our production team with our mills and CNC machines.

If you would like more information on aluminium fabrication in Cheltenham then please call us on 01684 491270. We are more than happy to answer any questions or enquiries you may have about our services. Get in touch today.

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