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Why Aluminium Windows & Doors Are A Good Investment

When deciding on new windows and doors for your home or property, most will consider wooden or uPVC options only. However, the use of aluminum to create windows and doors is becoming increasingly more popular and for several very good reasons.

Rising in popularity due partly to the contemporary aesthetic that aluminium brings to buildings, these windows and doors are not only very customisable but also extremely strong & durable. Architects are starting to favour aluminium doors and windows over other materials because of these reasons. Despite being typically used in commercial and industrial building design, these doors & windows are starting to be used more and more for residential properties too.

Aluminium Windows & Doors In Commercial & Domestic Architecture

With advancements in technology & design, modern architecture has been utilizing aluminium in their designs to coincide with large window panes. Due to the strength and malleability of aluminium, building designers use it to create smaller window frames, thereby maximising the size of the window without losing any structural integrity.

Unlike other window and door materials, aluminium does not warp or deform which is why it’s fast becoming the favoured material for windows and doors for domestic properties too. As it maintains the tightness of the frame for many years, they become a stylish and long-lasting solution to new windows.

Many domestic properties utilise the strength of aluminium to produce patio doors or the more popular bi-fold doors.

Sliding Patio Doors

You may drastically modify how you utilise your outside area by installing sliding patio doors. These doors open up gardens, allowing you to enjoy the area with ease! Summer events and lengthy evenings are also ideal for these doors. Our doors glide open smoothly in the summer, making for a magnificent entry, but they also keep you warm in the winter with superior insulation. Furthermore, because our goods have a sliding design, they enrich the interior of a home by providing stunning unobstructed vistas. They also allow for a lot of natural light to enter the room, giving the impression of larger space.

Modern house with sliding patio doors

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

These slim but sturdy aluminium bi-fold doors offer a contemporary & functional design to enhance the open living space. These doors are an excellent approach to add some much needed character to your home. With corner-less & curved options available these versatile aluminium doors will certainly improve the look and style of your home.

Aluminium Windows & Doors Insulation

A very common misconception is that aluminium windows and doors don’t provide the level of insulation as other building materials however, with advances in this technology this is no longer the case. Despite being a metal, these windows and doors have similar if not better levels of insulation as leading uPVC options.

The design of our aluminium doors means that the transference of heat from the outside world is better than other products which is why you’ll benefit from a great level of heat efficiency as well as larger windows compared to other materials.

Unlike uPVC & wooden windows and doors, in which the colour and durability fades over time from the effects of the sun and weather, aluminium windows & doors are completely resistant to these issues meaning their colour will not fade and they are much more durable for a longer period of time. Not only this but they are both much easier to maintain then other materials.

Where Can Aluminium Windows & Doors Be Used?

Our windows and doors have been supplied and fitted to a whole host of different types of buildings from new structures to just revamping existing ones. Often leisure centres, schools, restaurants, hotels and many more commercial properties use doors and windows to keep their buildings safe, secure and looking stylish.

Where Can Aluminium Windows & Doors Be Used?

For more information on aluminium windows and doors for commercial and domestic properties call us on 01684 491270. Our team of experts can help advise you on some of the options we have available for your project.

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