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What Is A Roof Lantern

The roof lantern is an architectural roof feature allowing a lot more light into any home of office building. In many cases, the roof lantern consists of glazed elevated panels installed on the roof. From the outside, the roof lantern adds interest and creates a classic pitched effect. Inside, roof lanterns can make a room feel much more spacious by adding height and allowing light to flood in from above.

Why Choose A Roof Lantern

Incorporating an “aluminium roof lantern” into the design of your home or business is a really great idea. A roof lantern isn’t just a quirky design feature. While it can aesthetically add interest to a flat roof, practically it’s a great way to flood light into your home. Read on to find out more about roof lanterns and why this architectural feature is a must-have for your dream extension.

Is A Roof Lantern The Same As A Skylight

No they are not the same thing as a skylight or rooflight windows. A roof skylight is a single window installed in a flat or pitched roof. The skylight sits flush to the roof whereas “modern roof lanterns” typically form a dome or angular shape. Both skylight windows and roof lanterns are a common design feature and natural light consideration for flat roofs.

Do Roof Lanterns Affect Room Temperature

Older glass conservatories had a reputation for being very cold in the winter and overly hot in the summer. Thanks to modern technology, the glass used in roof lanterns is far more efficient nowadays. And with the right type of glass, you can control heat transmission, keeping heat in during the winter and reflecting the suns UV rays during the summer.

What Are The Benefits Of Roof Lanterns

Light – the biggest benefit of having a roof lantern is in the amount of light they can flood into your home. A roof lantern can make all the difference to the inside of your home. With the additional ceiling height and extra light, a modestly sized room can feel a lot more spacious.

Privacy – planning where windows will go in your extension can be tricky, especially if your home is in close proximity to other dwellings. Easiest way to protect your privacy is to bring sunlight in through the roof.

Ventilation – many roof lanterns are non-opening, but for the purpose of ventilation, it is useful for roof lanterns to have one or two panels that can open. There are three main options for ventilation within a roof lantern. These are opening windows, opening sashes (if the roof lantern has side lights), or trickle vents.

Aluminium Roof Lanterns

For aluminium roof lanterns, look no further than BB Fabrications UK Ltd. We only use the highest quality materials to deliver sleek, modern roof lanterns with a long lifespan. Our stunning designs will be created specifically for your project. In addition, our bespoke aluminium products are designed to offer the best views, allowing natural light to flood into the home. These contemporary roof structures are a great choice for any property

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