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Metal Fabrication Cheltenham

Metal fabrication is the process of crafting, bending, cutting and moulding different types of metal to suit a certain shape. Our metal fabrication in Cheltenham is usually done with drawings and plans. In fact, you’ll often find it associated with the construction and engineering industries.

What Is Metal Fabrication?

Almost all aspects of modern technology involve some form of metal fabrication. From aluminium sheet metal to copper roofing and even tungsten steel components for large scale machines. The use of metal in human technology has been around for hundreds of years and has become the lynchpin to almost everything we use in day to day life. Whether it’s cars, computers or houses, you’ll find that somebody crafted metal to suit a purpose within it.

Metal Fabrication

Different Types Of Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication can be separated into 3 main categories. These cover pretty much all the metal-based products ranging from decorative sheet metal to intricate mechanisms within engines.

Let’s have a look at what these are:


Cutting covers the process of splitting metal into smaller or more specific shapes and sizes, usually via water or laser jet. Metal cutting could cover the process of sheering and machining too. Sometimes used in products like roof lanterns and bi-fold doors, sheering and machining are other more specific methods, used to trim or shape more accurately.


Forming is a type of advanced metal fabrication that uses equipment such as a press brake to mould and bend metal for a specific purpose or shape.

Punching & Stamping

Punching and stamping covers the process of piercing or indenting metal for a particular function, usually within a mechanism or system such as curtain walling.


This is the most common and well-known type of metal fabrication. Welding uses heat and pressure to attach two pieces of metal together. This technique has given us the ability to create all sort of shapes and sizes for machinery and structures. Often broken into 4 different types of welding: TIG, MIG, Stick and ARC.

Metal Fabrication Regulations In Cheltenham

Due to the widespread popularity of metal fabrication, it’s important to maintain a regulatory board to ensure quality. Additionally, things such as storage and handling of steel are important to make sure there are no faults or weaknesses with a product. Often products are used in housing, or aircrafts. These are two examples where quality must be assured for safety reasons. Otherwise, there is a risk to human life. Pollution and care for the environment are also a consideration when it comes to these regulations. Some forms of metal fabrication can cause harm to the environment if not controlled.
Bespoke Metal Products

Choose BB Fabrications For Custom Metal Fabrication

We are accredited to ISO9001: 2015 standards and fully trained for any of your metal fabrication needs. Contact BB Metal Fabrications in Cheltenham for a free consultation.

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