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Heritage Windows Double Glazing Gloucester

Heritage windows double glazing in Gloucester? Now, when most people think of heritage windows, they probably think double glazing is far to modern to be included in the same bracket. Did you know that double glazing was used first in the 1930’s? When most think of double glazing they think of the usual uPVC plastic units and not of the other materials that are perfect for giving you all the modern features but with a classic look.
BB Fabrication will show you how having a period home doesn’t mean you can’t have a modern window with a look that’s not out of place.

Aluminium Double-Glazing

At BB fabrication we specialise in aluminium windows, combined with double glazing they can give the ideal look for your home.

In period homes having the right look for your home is important. For example, if your home is in the art deco style, having the thin framed heritage windows is key to the overall look. Known as Crittall, they perfectly match this period of home or building. Aluminium is the ideal material to suit this style. It is thin but still strong and so adaptable. Combined with double glazing they give the ideal modern features with a classic look. So, simply put aluminium double glazing is the ideal match for a heritage home with a modern touch.

heritage windows and British flag
heritage windows and door

Security Benefits Of Double Glazing

Heritage windows with double glazing also have a high level of security too. When replacing your windows with a more modern version, the locking systems will give you a higher level of security. Also keeping your windows at a good level of maintenance will help to keep this high standard. With modern locks and handles most windows include well contained locking systems.

Improved Thermal Performance

With improved thermal performance, double glazed windows, have a high energy efficiency and as a result can help to give you lower energy bills. Majority of homes lose heat through their windows and doors; this means your boiler has to work for longer periods to keep your home warm. With well fitted doors and windows you can help to run your boiler for less time and as a result help the environment too. Depending on the rating of your windows you can save the follow each year: 

A++ £115-£120
A+ £110
A £105-£110
B £100-£105
C £100

Majority of window manufactures will be able to tell you what rating your window and door full into. So, by buying smartly and keeping them well maintained you can truly make a saving, as well as looking great too.

heritage windows

Heritage Window Prices With BB Fabrications

Here at BB Fabrication with provide a range of heritage windows that perfectly match the age and feel of your home. Whether you have a period property and need your windows to match or you have a modern home that you want to have a vintage look, we have the match for you. As aluminium window specialists, this strong, light material is the perfect match for heritage windows and can truly give you the look you want.

Contact us on 01684 491 270 or email on sales@bbfabrications.biz, our expert team will be able to talk you through each stage of your heritage window quote and match the perfect look at your budget. We have provided a progressive service since 2088 to our clients and pride ourselves on giving the best finish on every project.

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