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Oversized Glass Replacement

Many commercial buildings have large glass panes. This can be a bother when they need to be replaced. Thankfully, BB Fabrications’ oversized glass replacement services can make this process a breeze.

Unusually large glass isn’t exclusively a commercial feature. Some domestic properties can also have large glass windows. No matter what type of property the glass is on, it’s important to choose a company that are experienced with handling large glazed pieces.

Shopfront Glass Replacement

Perhaps the most common place to find large panes of glass is the classic British shopfront. Large windows are a great way to showcase what a business has to offer. However, they can be subjected to damage. Shopfront glass can deteriorate over time, as well as suffer damage as a result of extreme weather or vandalism. Compromised glazing can pose a security risk, so don’t delay in seeking out oversized glass replacement.

High-Rise Building Glass Replacement

When glass is damaged on a high-rise building, the replacement process isn’t as simple as it is for standard domestic windows. It’s very important to ensure that the oversized glass panel is made to exactly the right size. The wrong size could cause huge delays, so always choose a professional like BB Fabrications to supply your oversized glass replacement.

Secure Oversized Glass Replacement

To ensure that your glass replacement is safe and secure, we use aluminium and the best quality glass manufacturing methods on the market. Aluminium is a great material for shop windows, because it’s easy to shape and requires very little maintenance.

For Oversized Glass Replacement, Call BB Fabrications UK Ltd

If you have a shopfront, commercial premises or domestic property that requires glass replacement, give us a call today. Our team are experts in glass and aluminium window fabrication. We can provide you with a high-quality result at a great price.

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